Unday warehouse sessions

Posted on 08 Dec 2021

Unday Records is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. In 2011, Yuko's 'As if we were Dancing' was the first record to be released on the new label. Let's hope we will be able to celebrate in person in the coming months, but for now, we are happy to show you somenthing we have been working on. To help you through the darkest days, Unday Records kicks off the warehouse sessions, a brand new series of 12 live sessions, a celebration of live music and creativity.

The concept is simple: we invited 6 unday artists to play a live session at the Unday headquarters, the warehouse of N.E.W.S. and the beating heart of our operation. It's the magical place where Unday was founded, the place we rush to when a new record is delivered and the first place we show when we have new artists visiting. And from now on also the decor of intimate live sessions.

Watch The warehouse sessions with Mauro Pawlowski, Bert Dockx, Pauwel, Jan Swerts, Elias and Ivy Falls. 

​© Alexander D'Hiet