Bianca Steck joins Unday, shares first music

We’re delighted to welcome the talented Bianca Steck to the Unday family. Barcelona-born musician and architect Bianca Steck, of British and German descent and now based in Brussels, has a rich musical background rooted in the classical tradition. She pursued formal training in piano and clarinet... Read more June 17 2024

Sevens unveils the captivating 'Nearness of You'.

Sevens unveils his latest single 'Nearness of You', a mesmerizing exploration of love and longing. Inspired by the profound feeling of closeness, Sevens crafts a romantic yet bittersweet melody that captivates listeners.   “I love the closeness, of being surrounded and submerged by a lover, so I... Read more May 24 2024

The Bony King of Nowhere launches a video for ‘Everybody Knows’, shot on film.

The Bony King Of Nowhere Releases Powerful New Single, ‘Everybody Knows’  The Bony King Of Nowhere unveils his latest single, ‘Everybody Knows,’ highlighting this poignant song from his highly acclaimed album of the same name. This release follows the album's triumphant debut in February, capturing... Read more May 08 2024

New single and summer dates for Het Zesde Metaal

The first single after the release and tour of Het Zesde Metaal's critically acclaimed sixth album 'Het Langste Jaar' is called 'Den tijd die ons nog rest'. The successor to 'Nog maar begonnen' and the impressive title track 'Het langste jaar' is ominous and hopeful at the same time.     'Den tijd... Read more April 22 2024

Ottla's second album 'Vogel' is out now.

Ottla's sophomore album 'Vogel' is out now. 'Vogel' (Bird), is the full awakening after Bert Dockx Band's "Ghosts." The window flies open, the sun burns. Fluttering and wailing in jazz-improv-electro-noise-prog-afro-blues-groove-punk-krautrock, Ottla, true to its Kafkaesque nature, transformed once... Read more April 12 2024