About Us

Unday Records was launched as a safe haven for adventurous indie music back in 2011, under the wings of Ghent, Belgium based independent record company and distributor N.E.W.S.. Unday gained momentum in the years that followed, with the release of Trixie Whitley’s lauded debut album ‘Fourth Corner’ as a first commercial and artistic highlight in 2013. Not too long after that, established artists such as MillionaireHet Zesde Metaal and Intergalactic Lovers joined the ranks. The imprint is always on the lookout for strong musical personalities and fresh talent, and introduced some of the most compelling artists on the Belgian pop, rock and jazz scene, such as TaminoBert Dockx (a key figure with 3 different acts on the roster) and Hydrogen Sea.
With a strong focus on supporting artists and their integrity and a fondness for striking artwork, Unday has created a community, and became a unique stronghold for intriguing and uncompromising artists over the last decade.
Unday Records is home to The Bony King of Nowhere, Dijf Sanders, Faces on TV, Nordmann, Mauro Pawlowskiand many others.