Elias presents debut album Bloomed > Exploded

Happy release day Elias!  We love it when a plan comes together. We started working with Elias, whom we got to know through his work with Nordmann, quite some time ahead of his debut EP 'Kaiku''s release. Today, a couple years later, he's ready to present his musical universe in full with this stunning debut full length record called "Bloomed > Exploded". It's dark and brooding yet hopeful at... Read more March 24 2023

Echo Beatty presents 'Vision Glitch'

Echo Beatty, also known as Annelies Van Dinter, is excited to present her new album ‘Vision Glitch’. It is her first full length on Unday Records after her 2020 debut EP on the label. ‘Vision Glitch’ is an exquisite collection of nine songs that takes listeners on a journey through a world where reality and dreams collide. With a unique blend of bold, gritty guitars and infectious melodies,... Read more March 03 2023

Elias drops title track of his upcoming debut

“All that has bloomed is about to explode. All that I love, I'm about to destroy” Bloomed > Exploded is the hauntingly beautiful title track of Elias’ upcoming debut album.With its minimal waves, Bloomed > Exploded is the ideal soundtrack to the lonely astronaut that ventures into the unknown depths of space. As Mother Earth is getting smaller and smaller, doubts and uncertainties are... Read more February 03 2023

New Sam De Nef single comes with unrelased B-side

Introducing "Rushing Sky”, the new single from Sam De Nef. This powerful track, taken from his acclaimed debut album "Dawn/Dusk" from October 22, explores the inner journey of a ‘boy for too long’ who comes to realize that his spiritual path transcends traditional religious beliefs. The song sounds appropriately introspective with a chorus that anticipates the sky rushing in. The B-side, "The... Read more January 27 2023

New Pauwel outtake out today

We are excited to unveil a new Pauwel song today, an outtake from his 2022 debut album for Unday Records. The alternate version of 'Dear', the title track of the record, is this stripped down and fragile version featuring Cath Smet of BLUAI on vocals. This version provides a unique contrast to the original, we can't wait for you to hear it. Listen HERE Pauwel is embarking on a solo support Dutch... Read more January 20 2023