Bluai releases a music video for 'Not The One'.

Posted on 29 Mar 2024

BLUAI launches the third single from their debut album today. 'Not the One' might be our favourite song on the record, and it comes with this video the band shot during the 'Save it Later' recording sessions. Sing along like no one is listening.

The follow-up to My Kinda Woman is a heartfelt and melancholic indie-folk song that gets lodged in your brain before you know it. You know those songs that you find yourself singing even just by reading the title? Well, this is one of those. While Not the One may seem like a typical love song at first glance, it delves into the realm of friendship. The song contemplates how friendships, too, are not immune to high expectations and other complexities. According to singer and songwriter Cath Smet, the song originated in a relaxed jam session, with the words flowing effortlessly. 

On their debut album Save It For Later, BLUAI embarks on a road trip through the sonic landscapes where Big Thief, Pinegrove, Haim, and Alabama Shakes reside. After winning the three leading Belgian music awards (Humo's Rock Rally, De Nieuwe Lichting, and Sound Track), the trio is expanding its horizons. 



Save It For Later is a record like a Polaroid picture. Belgian songwriter Catherine Smet captures the memories of her youth in lyrics that carry a perfume of Americana, country pop, and indie folk. The band joined forces with producer Willem Ardui (blackwave.) for Save It For Later. Their instruments were expanded with banjo and lap steel. Engineer Tobie Speleman received 'Nashville tuning' as a briefing. BLUAI thus shifts the focus from indie rock to Americana and breaks open the band's frame of reference. In its first weeks, their debut was greeted with glowing reviews, sold-out release shows, and over half a million streams.