New single and summer dates for Het Zesde Metaal

Posted on 22 Apr 2024

The first single after the release and tour of Het Zesde Metaal's critically acclaimed sixth album 'Het Langste Jaar' is called 'Den tijd die ons nog rest'. The successor to 'Nog maar begonnen' and the impressive title track 'Het langste jaar' is ominous and hopeful at the same time.



'Den tijd die ons nog rest' is the first song on the record that Wannes Cappelle wrote, some time before great disaster struck the band. Cappelle: 'I wrote it before there was any talk of Tom's illness or even of a new album with the band. It is about that sense you never have enough time in life and you therefore have to choose wisely how to spend your valuable time. When Tom told us the bad news about his health, the song took on a more dramatic meaning. The lyrics were later inspired by the book '4000 Weeks' by Oliver Burkeman, a popular philosophical book about the concept of time.'

‘Het langste jaar’ is the last album by Het Zesde Metaal in the classic line-up. Last summer we had to say goodbye to keyboardist, guitarist, and belpop icon Tom Pintens. It was his express wish to make one last record with Het Zesde Metaal, Tom also produced himself for the first time. ‘Het langste jaar’ is the musical reflection of the heaviest period in the band's history. Still, at    the same time, it is perhaps the most melodic record in your Het Zesde Metaal collection, with more room than ever for subtle but extremely efficient arrangements.