Pauwel releases one more single before the album drops!

Posted on 10 Mar 2022

'Dear' is a bittersweet tale of love and loss with pitch black lyrics but with an arrangement that makes us long for spring.

“When going through some old demo’s to find some usable scraps for the new record, I stumbled upon “Dear”, a cassette demo from 2014, a song of which the lyrics never made much sense to me and consequently never made the cut. Six years later the song suddenly revealed a new meaning to me. I decided to rework it, my dear friend Herfst helped out with the lyrics. ‘Dear’eventually turned out a story about sweet memories of a loved one who's not there anymore. But hey, song meanings are very personal and can change over time,so let the listener decide on the song’s meaning for their lives."

Vibe Stalpaert's video for 'Dear' premiered at Knack Focus today.