Het Zesde Metaal surprises with mini album 'Wachten'

Posted on 03 Mar 2022

Good news: HZM recorded an 8 track mini album with stripped down reworks, a cover and a brand new song. More good news: it sounds incredible. And guess what: It’s out today, no need to wait. Available on limited red vinyl, on regular black LP or on CD. And on all platforms. Enjoy ‘Wachten’!

Nobody likes to wait. Neither does ‘Het Zesde Metaal’. The band got tired of waiting when the world came to a halt. They wanted to play instead! So, in the spring of 2021, they called producer Koen Gisen (Meskerem Mees, The Bony King of Nowhere, Dans Dans…). Could they book him and his studio?

The band took a deep dive into their back catalog, selected old and less old work, well-known and lesser-known songs, added a cover and wrote a brand new song. Eight tracks, seven of which have been given a new look, stripped down, straightforward, virtually recorded live. A brand new song called ‘Wachten’ also made the cut, a piano ballad indeed. The moody piano and subdued vocals aptly capture the desolated atmosphere of the period that we can gradually leave behind.

And there’s more good news: you don't even have to wait for it! While the patience of the fans for the double album ‘Live 2020’ was still tested by an unprecedented series of technical issues in the pressing of the record, ‘Wachten’ is all done. Packed and ready to go. You can order it from now on – in black or red vinyl or on CD – and it will go straight out the door. 

(c) Alex van Hee