Het Zesde Metaal opens the vaults

Posted on 12 Oct 2022

Great news for all of you Het Zesde Metaal fans! The mysterious and sought after Meesters LP (and CD) is finally available. Very limited, don't sleep on it.   
In 2019, Het Zesde Metaal recorded 10 songs inspired by 10 masterworks in the collection of Antwerp’s fine arts museum KMSKA. As the museum was closed for renovations at the time, the ‘Meesters’ record was performed live once, then locked away in a vault. The museum recently reopened its doors, and the band played a live show on the opening weekend. That also means we finally get to unveil the remainder of the LP’s and CD’s. Both are limited editions and won’t be repressed nor released digitally, so this is pretty much your only chance to get your hands on a copy. Both editions include prints with lyrics and the original artworks the music is based upon. Essential stuff for the fans.