Hendrik Lasure shares first song off of new album.

Posted on 20 Sep 2022

‘Wolkje’ is the first song off of Hendrik Lasure’s upcoming solo debut on Unday that sees the light of day. It feels special to share this intimate piece of music that’s been living inside our heads these past few months. ‘Wolkje’ is the first song Hendrik wrote when he started working on this new project in his mother tongue, inspired by his early childhood memories. The listener is watching over his shoulder and witnessing his quest for the right words in this first effort. It’s in this directness and intuitiveness we hear echoes of Hendrik’s (and our) songwriting hero Elliott Smith. The session was recorded at Koen Gisen’s homely studio (see Dans Dans, The Bony King of Nowhere, Het Zesde Metaal) on a prepared piano, with duct tape on the strings creating the muffled, percussive sound. You can even hear Hendrik’s parents playing clarinet and flute on this song, it doesn’t get any more personal than this.

Hendrik Lasure’s contribution to the cloud themed songs, alongside Arthur Russel’s ‘Lucky Cloud’, Joni Mitchell’s ‘Coulds’, Kate Bush’s ‘Cloudbusting’ and – recently – Dans Dans’ ‘Wolk’, is out now.

Hendrik Lasure leaves the safe harbor and opens up his heart on his upcoming record 'Het Wiel' (The Wheel). After around ten acclaimed instrumental albums with different ensembles, he decides to play with language for the first time, and sings in his own colloquial language. “I want it to feel as intimate as possible, both in the lyrics and in the performance. Suddenly I really heard my true self - beautiful and ugly at the same time, but very human and honest nonetheless”