Het Zesde Metaal release 'Tid Van Ton'

Het Zesde Metaal are back! 'Tid Van Ton' is the new single from their upcoming album 'Skepsels' due november 8. It's an upbeat anti-nostalgia anthem. It was last Friday's 'catch of the day' on Studio Brussel. It is also this weeks vox-tip on Radio 1.     Tickets for the 'Skepsels' release tour are available now. 14.02 | 4AD, Diksmuide  15.02 | 4AD, Diksmuide 20.02 | Ekko, Utrecht  21.02 |... Read more September 16 2019

Ottla release 'Spinrag'

Really happy to share this new Ottla track with you. ‘Spinrag’ is the second tune we get to unveil from the band’s upcoming debut album, due October 25. Ottla is the new band around singer, songwriter and guitarist Bert Dockx (Flying Horseman, Dans Dans) Preorder info for the limited edition 2Lp coming up soon. September 09 2019

Echo Beatty releases new single 'Ode To The Attempt'

'Ode To The Attempt' is the second single taken from Echo Beatty’s upcoming EP due on Unday Records this fall.  In this song, Van Dinter looks back on an episode where things got broken and lost. It was a dance performance by Jan Martens that inspired her in her search for a different perspective and a new chapter, both personally and musically. ‘Ode to the attempt’ interweaves the concepts of... Read more August 30 2019

Ottla release first single 'Stofwolk'

Stofwolk’ is the first music from Ottla, the new 6 piece band around guitarist and composer Bert Dockx (Flying Horseman; Dans Dans). It’s a spacious and moody guitar epic, mysterious and exciting. Listen to the full track: ‘Ottla’ is the latest addition to our roster, their debut album is due this fall on Unday records (in collab with WERF Records), more on that soon.... Read more July 19 2019

The Bony King of Nowhere - Every Road (opera session)

The Bony King of Nowhere and his band recorded an intimate, stripped-down, version of 'Every Road' in the beautiful setting of the Ghent opera.  Thanks Opera Vlaanderen and thank you Ward at Studio Trad for the video.     The Bony King of Nowhere will be playing the Ghent opera on July 25 during Boomtown.  Tickets:     July 18 2019