Het Zesde Metaal announce limited 'Live 2020' 2LP

Het Zesde Metaal were in the middle of their 'Skepsels' release tour when the pandemic struck. They now release one of their February 2020 show at Handelsbeurs Gent as a double live LP, it felt like an appropriate middle finger to this annus horribilis. A full live show on 2 records, mixed by the band's live engineer, as an homage to the entire live crew and to all of the fans. Pic (c) Michelle... Read more December 15 2020

Hydrogen Sea's 'These Days' is a playful piano voyage

'Love is a thing we used to grow' 'These Days' is a lush and playful piano voyage along the garden path, where love and moss and trees and plants grow. It is the second track Hydrogen Sea unveil from their upcoming 'Symbiosis' EP. Hydrogen Sea’s new Symbiosis EP is a beguiling tale of four brand new songs, including a re-release of ‘End Up’, which is now the soundtrack for ‘Black-out’, a new... Read more December 11 2020

Sam De Nef pays homage to his mother

Sam De Nef’s second single ‘Mother’ is a young man’s homage to his mom, right before he heads down his own path. The song is a melancholic look back at boyhood and the relationship with his mother. 'Mother' is out today on all platforms.     ‘Mother’ is the follow up to Sam’s debut single on Unday Records, ‘Requiem for a Dreamer’, which was very well received and even made it to Studio Brussels... Read more December 03 2020
Band also announces new duo EP

Hydrogen Sea’s ‘End Up’ is the theme song of new ‘Black-out’ series

Hydrogen Sea present ‘End Up’ and ‘Indigo World’, one brand new song and one trip down memory lane. Listen HERE. ‘End Up’ is a track first released on Hydrogen Sea’s ‘Court the Dark’ EP (2014). It is now the theme song for ‘Black-out’, a prestigious new primetime fiction series that premieres this Sunday on Belgian national television EEN. ‘End Up’ is a mesmerizing ode to the dark, as well as a... Read more November 20 2020

Trixie Whitley presents 'Lacuna Re-Imagined', out now

Proud to present Trixie Whitley's new EP, featuring 3 special guests 6 brand new recordings.  Trixie re recorded and rearranged six songs from her 2019 ‘Lacuna’ album during the early stages of this year's pandemic. She recorded these new versions and invited three talented musicians to her home studio in Brooklyn to provide strings and horn arrangements. Multi-instrumentalist Stuart Bogie (who... Read more November 11 2020