‘Hate You’ is the first BLUAI single on Unday Records

4 piece indie rock girl band BLUAI only recently joined the Unday ranks. Their first release on the label is ‘Hate You’, the follow up to their breakthrough single ‘Dime Store’ and a new glance at their debut EP that’s scheduled to arrive this fall. ‘Hate you’ is about loving someone badly and wanting to hate them when they don’t return the sentiment. And about the realisation that you can’t just... Read more June 23 2022

New Sam De Nef single 'Rattle My Mind' is out now

‘Rattle My Mind’ is the new single from Sam De Nef’s upcoming debut album. It is one of the more uptempo tracks on the record, it has an irresistible singalong chorus that makes it both melancholic and inciting. Two blue marlins on the single artwork, an amulet created for this song, resemble entangled spirits that care and nurture each other. “It's in their nature to roam alone but these two... Read more June 16 2022

Double A side Unday debut release from the talented Porcelain id

One track in English, one in Dutch. 22 year old Rwandese Hubert Tuyishime excels in idiosyncratic singer songwriter tunes, with a particularly captivating performance. Porcelain id is currently in the middle of a 30 show streak after winning the national Sound Track talent competition. ‘Vlaanderen’ reveals the growing pains in the relationship between parents and a queer child, between a society... Read more June 10 2022

Dans Dans is back!

Just a year after the release of their acclaimed ‘Zink’ album, we’re proud to share new work from this prolific trio. After an album release and a consecutive tour shattered by the pandemic, they thought creating new music would be the best way out. After hearing the first results, we couldn’t agree more. ‘Wolk’ is an infectious and intoxicating, subtly melancholic instrumental with a timeless... Read more May 31 2022

New Intergalactic Lovers single!

The follow up to ‘Bobbi’, ‘Crushing’ and ‘Lost’ is the latest single taken from Intergalactic Lovers’ new record ‘Liquid Love’ LISTEN HERE Lara Chedraoui: “Sometimes to encounter situations or feelings again and again can feel like being stuck in limbo, as if we haven’t learned from passed missed takes. But perception is everything, and every limbo we face will teach us something, as long as we’... Read more May 30 2022