Mauro hits the Spotlight

Mauro Pawlowski unveils a new track from his anticipated new solo record. The follow up to ‘Always Someone’ is called ‘Spotlight’, it features a stranded spaceship, the fast and the furious and a goddess dancing in spotlight. All happening in the now. File under cosmic yacht rock. Humo has the scoop on the video directed by Michiel Venmans. Mauro is what one might call ‘rock royalty’. He has... Read more August 14 2020

Nordmann unveil album artwork and limited LP

September will see the release of the long awaited new Nordmann album, their first on the Unday imprint. We're proud to reveal Tobi Jonsons mystical album artwork today and launch the preorder for two coloured vinyl editions. 'In Velvet' will be available on a limited aubergine coloured edition as well as a clear vinyl edition. Take a look at the Unday shop and preorder your copy HERE. Nordmann’s... Read more August 12 2020

Nordmann share the opening track of their upcoming album

Nordmann reveal ‘Cryptonym’, the opening track from their upcoming third album ‘In Velvet’. If Nordmann would stand in between two mirrors, ‘Cryptonym’ is the song that would come out. It bridges the gap between where their music started in their very beginning days and what their new album will sound like. It’s a statement. Nordmann is dead, long live Nordmann! It’s dark & bright at the same... Read more August 05 2020

Pauwel's campfire session

Pauwel recorded this campfire session version of his new single 'Molly' in his garden. ‘Molly’ will be part of his debut EP for Unday Records due after the summer. The single is out on all portals: "Molly is the story of a good friend of mine I grew up with. Molly was the only other kid in the neighborhood that could get into our treehouse. First we didn’t call him... Read more July 15 2020

New Dijf Sanders single

Dijf Sanders releases a new edit for 'Lakshmi' today, one of the tracks on his latest album. Sound mastermind and producer Dijf Sanders debuted on Unday Records with his latest album, the eclectic gem ‘Puja’. Dijf used field recordings he made in Nepal and used them to create new music, together with Simon Segers (MDCIII, De Beren Gieren, Black Flower) and Mattias De Craene (Nordmann). The album... Read more July 10 2020