Bert Dockx shares 2 new songs.

We’re happy to announce Bert Dockx has been working on a follow up to ‘Transit’, his successful solo debut. This double A side single we're releasing today is a first taste of the new Bert Dockx solo album 'Safe', due March 18. ‘Safe’ will be the second album Bert Dockx (Dans Dans, Flying Horseman, Ottla, Strand) releases under his own name. This time Dockx is not flying entirely solo though, he ... Read more January 14 2022

new Jan Verstraeten single and video: 'GOODBYE WORLD'

Jan Verstraeten says hello 2022 with a new single from his upcoming debut album. Goodbye world is an ode to escapism, it’s Jan's homage to all the somebodies and the nobodies who love to get away, get naked and dance. Dancing is the ultimate escape from the everlasting pressure to have the right opinion, read the right books and eat the right food. It’s the dark room at the club where no one is... Read more January 07 2022

Jan Verstraeten reveals artwork for upcoming debut album

Jan Verstraeten made an extraordinary painting which will be the artwork for his upcoming debut album 'Violent Disco'. The 'Gone Gone Gone' video was also 100% DIY, it took him weeks to draw, cut, paste and animate it. The album is the surprising follow-up to his EP ‘Cheap Dreams’. Even though the orchestral approach and the restrained passages of his debut EP are still there, his new music is... Read more December 16 2021

Unday warehouse sessions

Unday Records is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. In 2011, Yuko's 'As if we were Dancing' was the first record to be released on the new label. Let's hope we will be able to celebrate in person in the coming months, but for now, we are happy to show you somenthing we have been working on. To help you through the darkest days, Unday Records kicks off the warehouse sessions, a brand new... Read more December 08 2021

The Bony King of Nowhere's debut, for the first time on vinyl.

Alas My Love, The Bony King Of Nowhere’s critically acclaimed debut album, was released in 2009. As it was only released on CD at the time, the record now finally gets its first release on vinyl in 12 years later. Today more than ever, the intriguing universe shaped by then 22-year-old Bram Vanparys alongside producer Koen Gisen sounds fresh and alluring. Back then the album was often referred to... Read more November 26 2021