Tue 19/03/2019

New single Hydrogen Sea

The end of the world as we know is near. Let's go out with a bang.
Hydrogen Sea's new song is out today! 'Decohorence' is the soundtrack to an epic end-of-the-world party. Evocative storytelling and moody synths find each other in this new dazzling sound. It's one of the songs on the upcoming album 'Automata', which will be out on Unday Records April 12.
Listen to 'Decoherence' here: https://fanlink.to/deherence


Fri 01/03/2019

The Germans' Sexuality is out

The new Germans album ‘Sexuality’ is here! It’s the follow-up to their instant cult classic ‘Are Animals Different?’ from 2014. The sound of ‘Sexuality’ is passionate, sweaty and exotic. Primitive percussion, tatty guitars, a lewd Hammond and many other instruments play a role in this melting pot of voodoo psychedelia and cocktail jazz. On ‘Sexuality’ (their first album on Unday Records) the band challenges the cult of celebrity and self-promotion by displaying their ugly as well as their sexy self. The record sounds confusingly kinky, raw, at times even uncomfortable and abrasive. Imagine the Royal Drummers of Burundi adopted the psychotic child of Vangelis and you’re halfway there.


We have 50 copies available on a limited deluxe vinyl edition in a custom made 12” ‘Sexuality’ wash cloth. Get yours at the Unday shop.
Listen and buy here.

Fri 01/03/2019

Trixie Whitley’s new single/video: Long Time Coming

Trixie Whitley has just dropped ‘Long Time Coming’, a new track of her long-awaited studio album ‘Lacuna’, which is set for release on March 29, 2019.

This record was created in conjunction with Run The Jewels producer Little Shalimar in New York. ‘Long Time Coming’ is the second installment in a music video trilogy shot by visual artist Hannah Marshall. She is known for her black, monochromatic aesthetic and her work for bands such as The xx, Florence and The Machine, Savages and Goldfrapp.
Trixie Whitley will be touring throughout 2019 in support of ‘Lacuna’. Check all dates here.

Thu 21/02/2019

New video The Germans

The Germans released their video of 'That was months ago'.
Great amount of nipples, smoke and naked frontmen. This video was shot by Nana Vaneessen and is a parody on the clip of Rihanna's Stay. 
Here's what The Germans say themselves: "It used to be a potential hit with catchy synth lines and pitched vocals, but our producer Micha Volders thought it was boring hipster bullshit, so he decided to replace the bass by a large rubber band attached to a djembe and got rid of all synths and electronic effects. That's what friends are for."
The full album 'Sexuality' will be revealed March 1st (vinyl and digital).
Preorder 'That was months ago' here: https://fanlink.to/thatwasmonthsago

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