Trixie Whitley announces 'Lacuna' rework EP

Trixie Whitley presents ‘Lacuna re-imagined’. She reworked six tracks from her ‘Lacuna’ album from 2019. Trixie recorded new versions and invited three talented musicians to her home studio in Brooklyn to provide strings and horn arrangements . Multi-instrumentalist Stuart Bogie (who previously collaborated with Arcade Fire, David Byrne and Run The Jewels) took care of the horns section, Emily... Read more September 12 2020

Order your signed copy of Faces on TV's new EP

The new Faces on TV EP will be called 'Keep Me Close', it's dropping October 2. Jasper will sign your copy of the limited white vinyl edition if you preorder before the release date. We only pressed 300 copies of the first pressing. Available now from the Unday shop only. Click HERE to order your copy. Whereas Faces on TV used to excel in sculpting sonic miniatures, these new songs are life size... Read more September 07 2020

'Witches' is Pauwel's new single

'Witches' is the third song we get to unveil from Pauwel's upcoming EP release. It's his coming of age song. He grew up near the woods, spending most of his childhood around his treehouse, seeing things not meant to be seen. The forests and the creatures that roam them somehow became spiritual and made Pauwel into the person he is today. Pauwel’s first EP on Unday Records, due October 16, is a... Read more September 04 2020

Faces on TV wants to keep you close

Faces on TV was invited by superstar photographer Stephan Vanfleteren to visit his exposition at FoMu Antwerp and create a new song inspired by one of the works. 'Keep Me Close' is the story that came out. Here's the full story. The song became a tale about hiding your flaws and pretending to be a better version of yourself while underneath it all the universal need of a true connection slumbers... Read more August 21 2020

Mauro hits the Spotlight

Mauro Pawlowski unveils a new track from his anticipated new solo record. The follow up to ‘Always Someone’ is called ‘Spotlight’, it features a stranded spaceship, the fast and the furious and a goddess dancing in spotlight. All happening in the now. File under cosmic yacht rock. Humo has the scoop on the video directed by Michiel Venmans. Mauro is what one might call ‘rock royalty’. He has... Read more August 14 2020