Hendrik Lasure shares haunting new music

Excited to share 'Hotel Dieu', a second excerpt from Hendrik Lasure's upcoming solo record. For fans of humming organs and haunting imagery. The second excerpt from Hendrik Lasure's upcoming solo debut 'Het Wiel' is the haunting 'Hotel Dieu'. Inspired by a visit to the 15th century pauper hospital Hôtel-Dieu in Beaune, this is a track dominated by a humming organ and haunting religious imagery.... Read more October 26 2022

New Echo Beatty music

'Weeping Streets' is the first single with which Echo Beatty ushers a new musical venture. Almost three years after her first EP as a solo artist, Annelies Van Dinter is back with the long-awaited successor. Her album 'Vision Glitch', a dazzling feat of songwriting and capturing atmosphere on tape, is due in Spring.  'Weeping Streets' sounds like a dream sequence, mellow but unrestrained,... Read more October 21 2022

Sam De Nef debut is both subtle and majestic

Happy release day Sam De Nef. Feels great and exciting to unleash this work together.  We have seen Dawn/Dusk evolve from rough sketches to an impressive collection of songs, subtle and majestic at the same time. Couldn’t be prouder. Shout out to PJ Decraene, who helped sculpt this beauty, and to all talented contributors: Tenci, Louis Evrard, Nicolas Rombouts, Frederik Daelemans, James De Graef... Read more October 14 2022

Het Zesde Metaal opens the vaults

Great news for all of you Het Zesde Metaal fans! The mysterious and sought after Meesters LP (and CD) is finally available. Very limited, don't sleep on it.    In 2019, Het Zesde Metaal recorded 10 songs inspired by 10 masterworks in the collection of Antwerp’s fine arts museum KMSKA. As the museum was closed for renovations at the time, the ‘Meesters’ record was performed live once, then locked... Read more October 12 2022

Dans Dans '6': 3 musicians, 2 days in the studio, one burst of energy.

Dans Dans is back (already!) with their most unfiltered, most spontaneous, most 'punk' album to date. Three musicians, two days in the studio, one burst of energy. At the tail end of 2021, Bert Dockx, Frederic Lyenn Jacques, and Steven Cassiers, the unholy trinity that make up Dans Dans since 2012 – yep, that’s a ten year anniversary! – decided to turn setbacks (a canceled release tour for their... Read more September 29 2022