Ottla's second album 'Vogel' is out now.

Ottla's sophomore album 'Vogel' is out now. 'Vogel' (Bird), is the full awakening after Bert Dockx Band's "Ghosts." The window flies open, the sun burns. Fluttering and wailing in jazz-improv-electro-noise-prog-afro-blues-groove-punk-krautrock, Ottla, true to its Kafkaesque nature, transformed once again, and the quartet began further developing the compositions with an even richer language. The... Read more April 12 2024

Ivy Falls presents an acoustic version of Lemons, from her debut album.

Not so long ago Ivy Falls visited a special location near Ghent, a castle with a wonderful garden. The smell of spring was in the air. Fien Deman (Ivy Falls) was accompanid by her full band, consisting of Trui Amerlinck, Simon Raman, Jasper Morel and Anton De Boes played 'Lemons' acoustic. It's the second track from this live session series, after releasing the session for 'Golden' two weeks ago... Read more April 02 2024

Bluai releases a music video for 'Not The One'.

BLUAI launches the third single from their debut album today. 'Not the One' might be our favourite song on the record, and it comes with this video the band shot during the 'Save it Later' recording sessions. Sing along like no one is listening. The follow-up to My Kinda Woman is a heartfelt and melancholic indie-folk song that gets lodged in your brain before you know it. You know those songs... Read more March 29 2024

Ivy Falls anticipated debut album 'Sense & Nonsense' is out now.

Singer-songwriter Ivy Falls dove headfirst into recording a timeless and profound debut album, recounting the honest story of her breakup with life as it was. Ivy Falls, the alias of singer-songwriter Fien Deman, releases her first full album today. 'Sense & Nonsense' sounds mature, with a clear vision and direction. Fien wrote the album after a breakup and leaving her home; she... Read more March 22 2024

Tin Fingers' elegy for a demolished piano

Tin Finger's present one more video for a track from their brilliant new record 'Rock Bottom Ballads' 'Goodnight Piano' tells the tragic story of an abandoned grand piano which had to be demolished. Tin Fingers' singer documented the process, it now serves as the unsettling music video for the song he wrote about this painful experience. The video for 'Goodnight Piano' was launched by Focus Knack... Read more March 15 2024