Tin Fingers' elegy for a demolished piano

Tin Finger's present one more video for a track from their brilliant new record 'Rock Bottom Ballads' 'Goodnight Piano' tells the tragic story of an abandoned grand piano which had to be demolished. Tin Fingers' singer documented the process, it now serves as the unsettling music video for the song he wrote about this painful experience. The video for 'Goodnight Piano' was launched by Focus Knack... Read more March 15 2024

Ottla's electrifying new tune 'Jardin' is out now.

Sharing an electrifying new Ottla tune in anticipation of the upcoming sophomore album  Ottla, a band named after Franz Kafka’s favourite sister, shares a new track from its upcoming second full-length Vogel (Bird). Jardin is a catchy, funky & fresh tune with watery textures and dreamy overtones. The mood is relaxed but underneath a restless fire is hiding, waiting to erupt. Band leader Bert... Read more March 15 2024

Ivy Falls releases a live version of the new single 'Golden'.

Ivy Falls, the alias of singer-songwriter Fien Deman, will release her first full album next week, March 22. 'Sense & Nonsense' sounds mature, with a clear vision and direction. Fien wrote the album after a breakup and leaving her home; she witnessed cracks appearing in her life and found herself in a whirlpool of insecurities. Writing turned out to be the way to reorient herself and discover... Read more March 13 2024

Sevens releases 'Upstate', his debut single on Unday Records.

'Upstate' is the debut single release of 23-year-old Sevens' on Unday Records. Following a successful DIY EP that landed him over 500k streams and a string of live shows, Upstate marks the beginning of a new era. Sevens effortlessly introduces his indie-soul magic through stunning vocals and exceptional songwriting. The song is co-produced by blackwave.'s Willem Ardui, who will also feature on... Read more March 07 2024

Porcelain id explores diamond trade and heartbreak in gospel-infused Cellophane

Porcelain id highlights another song from their lauded debut album Bibi:1 with a new video for Cellophane, directed by Max Van Raamsdonk. Embark on a soul-stirring journey with Cellophane, Porcelain id’s bidding farewell to the romantic illusions of love. Set against the violent backdrop of Antwerp's diamond heritage and business, Cellophane is a song that confronts harsh realities with a blend... Read more March 06 2024