Unday welcomes Sevens

Posted on 04 Mar 2024

We're thrilled to welcome Sevens to the Unday artist roster! At 23 years old, Sevens is not just a singer but a skilled songwritermulti-instrumentalist, and producer. His soulful contemplative indie music is characterized by a captivating baritone voice that effortlessly traverses the highs and lows of the frequency spectrum, delivering alluring narratives drawn from his personal experiences and adversities.

Following a self-released debut EP in 2021 that landed him a first streaming hit and a string of live shows, his first single on Unday Records marks the beginning of a compelling new chapter. 'My music truly is a glimpse into my soul, which is perhaps why the term 'soul' resonates with me. I used to make more hip-hop-influenced music, but I felt my voice wasn't fully expressed in that genre. It was time for a change. This is me distilling my style and influences rather than me shedding my skin.'
A first single release is just around the corner, stick around!