Tin Fingers reminisces about youth's glorious mistakes on 'Misstep'

Posted on 30 Aug 2023

Misstep is the first single taken from Rock Bottom Ballads, the second Tin Fingers album due November 17 on Unday Records. The band takes on a darker, melancholic direction on their second full album. Felix’ weeping vocal, preaching, searching, and trying to understand God, is the leitmotif. With rich melodies, haunting piano sounds, improvisations, first takes and no overdubs, Tin Fingers is searching for pureness and keeping things human and simple. The band is playing together intuitively, without a computer, without ego, just for the sake of music.

The album's opening track Misstep is a song about memories and rituals. It reflects upon youth's strong friendships and psychedelic experiences. Misstep is an homage to exactly this, all the mistakes and the misconceived rituals of adolescence. ‘Tonight I'm going for weightlessness, Tomorrow clean up the mess, how much stretch is left on my rubber soul, My damn rubber soul.’ Machtelinckx weeps.



The Misstep video is the first in of a series of four, directed by Felix Machtelinckx and Tuur Oosterlinck. The film follows two brothers, 'The Dubost Brothers', ghosting around, being young and free. Facing their demons while supporting one another. In this first music video, two brothers are digging a hole in the middle of a dry and forgotten field on top of a hill. Digging, sweating, and trying to forget the past. They are slaves of their own actions. But after all the stuff they've been through, they still have brotherhood.

Tin Fingers is an indie band embracing a melancholic sound, always with a unique twist. Hailing from Antwerp, Belgium, they've played prominent venues and festivals and resonated deeply within local cult followings and beyond. Their live shows are characterized by a fusion between explosive energy and intimate connection. The band likes to reinvent itself, from psychedelia through alt-pop to indie folk. Tin Fingers were never going to be an easy one to label.