Sevens releases 'Upstate', his debut single on Unday Records.

Posted on 07 Mar 2024

'Upstate' is the debut single release of 23-year-old Sevens' on Unday Records. Following a successful DIY EP that landed him over 500k streams and a string of live shows, Upstate marks the beginning of a new era. Sevens effortlessly introduces his indie-soul magic through stunning vocals and exceptional songwriting. The song is co-produced by blackwave.'s Willem Ardui, who will also feature on the upcoming debut album.  

In the verdant fields of Limburg, Belgium, the musical talent known as Sevens blossoms. 23 years old Sevens is not just a singer, but a skilled songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. His soulful indie is marked by a captivating baritone voice that effortlessly traverses the highs and lows of the frequency spectrum, delivering alluring narratives drawn from his personal experiences and adversities. 

His first single on Unday Records marks the beginning of a compelling new chapter. “Upstate” is a first glimpse of what lies ahead, a sincere and poignant song about letting go, about stepping out of a bad situation. ‘Upstate’ is a metaphorical space that offers solace, far away from turbulence. The intimate and bold song is a fitting introduction to Sevens, setting the stage for what’s to come. 

'I’m upstate 
Where the leaves dance every day 
I’ve watched them fall 
And lose their colour on the way'

Sevens' music delves into themes of introspection, love, and nostalgia. His indie-inspired songwriting blends soulful vocals with jazz-infused harmonies, all woven together with laid-back minimal rhythms. 

Reflecting on his music, Sevens shares, "My music truly is a glimpse into my soul, which is perhaps why the term 'soul' resonates with me. I used to make more hip-hop-influenced music, but I felt my voice wasn't fully expressed in that genre. It was time for a change. This is me distilling my style and influences rather than me shedding my skin.”  

Drawing inspiration from iconic crooners like Chet Baker and Frank Sinatra, as well as soul pioneers such as Bill Withers and D'Angelo, Sevens also finds creative influence in contemporary artists like Frank Ocean, Kendrick Lamar, and James Blake. This diverse palette of influences shapes his distinctive sound, blending elements of classic and modern music into something entirely his own. 

Sevens creates his music in the comfort of his own room, armed with just a laptop and a boundless imagination. His creative process allows him the freedom to work without constraints, perfecting every element. Moreover, he can call on talented friends like Willem Ardui (blackwave.) or Boris Van Overschee when he requires a sparring partner.   

In live performances, Sevens' music flourishes into a jazz-inspired trio experience, featuring collaboration with a drummer and a bassist while Sevens handles keys, guitar, and vocals. These stripped-down performances seamlessly blend impact with intimacy. 

After winning the renowned Soundtrack competition for emerging talent in 2021, Sevens debuted with a self-released EP in the same year. It got him words of praise from the likes of Chet Faker and Chuki Beats and landed him a first streaming hit, a collab with blackwave. and a string of over 50 shows in venues such as OLT Rivierenhof, De Roma, and Melkweg in Amsterdam. He recently signed to Unday Records and is currently wrapping up the recording of his debut full-length.