Sam De Nef and Camille Camille join forces

Posted on 18 Sep 2023

We’re truly delighted to announce Sam De Nef and Camille Camille’s collaborative EP. The title track of the EP also serves as the debut single, out today, as it beautifully encapsulates the essence of the duo, with its interwoven guitars and its enchanting harmonies. Waving was the first song they wrote together for this project.

“It felt as if the song wrote itself, flowing so effortlessly and naturally.”

On their debut EP, Sam De Nef and Camille Camille delve into some of their most personal and introspective songwriting yet. These songs showcase their individual talents but also highlight the powerful synergy that arises when two gifted artists and unique vocalists join forces and create something truly special.

Sam and Camille are two unique and talented artists who share a gift for compelling contemporary folk and singer-songwriter songs. They both released acclaimed debut albums in recent years and have been crossing paths on numerous occasions. Camille appeared in duets on Sam’s debut EP and his first album, Sam featured in Camille’s live band, each time expressing a profound musical chemistry.
This collab EP seemed the logical next step, uniting their talents to craft an EP embodying heartfelt, warm, and uncomplicated songs.