Porcelain ID's 'Moon' is the last single in anticipation of their debut album 'Bibi:1'

Posted on 26 Jan 2024

Busy days for Porcelain id. Weeks before their anticipated debut record, they share one last taste in the form of new single 'Moon'

Porcelain id is the pseudonym under which Hubert Tuyishime (they/them/their) has been crafting unique songs since 2020. Emerging in recent years as one of the promising talents on the Belgian scene, they won the renowned Sound Track competition, built a solid live reputation, and was called 'a folk singer for new times' by national newspaper De Morgen and made quite the impression at the European showcase festival Eurosonic last week. With their crushing debut album 'Bibi:1'due on Unday Records on February 16, Porcelain id seems to be on the way to conquering a place all its own, far away from formats and from the beaten track.

'Moon' exemplifies Hubert Tuyishime and producer Youniss Ahamad's approach to influences and composition. This genre-defying piano-driven gem is tender and fierce at the same time.

"I got inspired by Nina Simone's extraordinary live performance of "Stars/Feelings" and a Spotify playlist I made with a girl I spent time with. It's amazing how music can bookmark these encounters. Moon delves into the album's overarching motifs of disillusionment while tenderly paying homage to actual beauty. The intention was not to conceal a sense of self-entitlement but to articulate it as an inherent facet of ordinary life, a narrative if you will, that we construct for ourselves."

The album - inspired by their move from a quiet provincial town to Antwerp - is the soundtrack to walking into city traffic during rush hour and trusting to get out of the chaos in one piece. It is an ode to exciting encounters with complete strangers and to the friends you can come home to afterward. A story about being a stranger in a city you've romanticized for so long, the rejection that comes with it, and the false nostalgia with which you look back on it all later on.