Porcelain id shares crushing first single of debut album

Posted on 04 Oct 2023

'I want to make something that is situated between Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and Yeezus by Kanye West'. That’s the legendary elevator pitch Porcelain id used to challenge producer Youniss Ahamad into collaborating on their debut album.
Together they drew the blueprint for Bibi:1 (due in February) in Youniss' home studio. Track by track, without looking back. In the studio, the songs were taken to a higher level. The two invited a pack of talented friends and young musicians to the studio to add parts, a stark contrast to the solitary approach of their Eps. The result sounds like the ultimate symbiosis of Porcelain id and Youniss searching but ambitious. Fragile, but rough. Poppy, but disruptive. Sometimes challenging. Then welcoming again. Sometimes even danceable.

The first single Man Down is inspired by the recurring tragedy of drownings in Antwerp, it sounds like a troubled stroll through the city. A creepy but boastful horn section blasts until the breakneck twist.

The video, a love letter to 1995's Fallen Angels and its wide angles, accompanies this song refusing premonitions, settling in an uneasy ‘what came after the end?’. 



Porcelain id aka Rwanda-born Hubert Tuyishime has emerged in recent years as one of the promising talents on the Belgian scene, won the renowned Sound Track competition, built a solid live reputation, and was called 'a folk singer for new times' by national newspaper De Morgen. With this unique and crushing debut album, due in February ’24, Porcelain id seems to be conquering a place all its own, far away from formats and from the beaten path.