Porcelain id explores diamond trade and heartbreak in gospel-infused Cellophane

Posted on 06 Mar 2024

Porcelain id highlights another song from their lauded debut album Bibi:1 with a new video for Cellophane, directed by Max Van Raamsdonk.

Embark on a soul-stirring journey with Cellophane, Porcelain id’s bidding farewell to the romantic illusions of love. Set against the violent backdrop of Antwerp's diamond heritage and business, Cellophane is a song that confronts harsh realities with a blend of Rwandan Gospel—the very foundation of Hubert Tuyishime’s musical upbringing. The artist invites you to explore the intersection of vulnerability and strength, seamlessly interweaving the delicate melodies with the gritty realities of colonialism and heartbreak.

Porcelain id: We were inspired by Kanye, Bon Iver, and Nick Cave’s approach to choirs and the religious connection. Even when your faith is challenged, its music remains a language you understand and move through. Group singing is a powerful tool to bring forward, a crying out to your people, about your people.