Porcelain id and Martha Da'ro join forces on new single

Posted on 01 Jun 2023

Porcelain id's new single "Rhythm Machine" features Martha Da’ro’s unique brand of vocals — A correspondence from struggling artists to workers across the board. Written on stage. In generous Bukowski fashion, Pid asks an age-old question posed by anyone from poets to fast food grill workers. Who’s gonna love you when the music’s over? The mirror turns on our singers admitting to simply wanting “to be with you”.

Two young and very promising idiosyncratic singers Porcelain id and Martha Da’ro join forces on this new song. Porcelain id = Rwandese Sound Track competition winner, known for their astounding vocals and captivating performance. Working on an anticipated debut record, due early next year. Spotted on stage with Meskerem Mees, Kids With Buns, Gabriel Rios and The Staples Jr Singers. 
Martha Da’ro is a Belgian singer and actress with Angolese roots. Her music and voice illicit comparisons to Amy Winehouse and Alicia Keys.