Out now: Mauro Pawlowski's Eternal Sunday Drive

Posted on 09 Sep 2021

We are extremely happy and proud to share Mauro Pawlowski’s first album on Unday records with you today.

Apart from being (one of) the most prolific and imaginative musicians on the Belgian alternative music scene, involved in dozens of projects and with a discography of over 100 releases, Mauro Pawlowski also has a knack for writing beautiful pop songs, a talent he displays with some reluctance. Until now. During the last two years, he collected, reworked and created a collection of songs, which he arranged with his new band and with producer Jasper Maekelberg. “The plan was a classic song record,” says Pawlowski, who invited drummer Marc Bonne (The Radios, Toy), bassist Ewen Vernal (Deacon Blue) and keyboardist Adriaan Van de Velde (Pomrad) for the recordings.

With 'Eternal Sunday Drive' Mauro Pawlowski has actually created a record to listen to and to savor. One that is both for shuffling on a chair and for dancing. And thus, for the first time in two decades, a classic song record by Pawlowski sees the light of day. “And I'm going to make another one in the future. With the same band.”