Ottla's electrifying new tune 'Jardin' is out now.

Posted on 15 Mar 2024

Sharing an electrifying new Ottla tune in anticipation of the upcoming sophomore album 

Ottla, a band named after Franz Kafka’s favourite sister, shares a new track from its upcoming second full-length Vogel (Bird). Jardin is a catchy, funky & fresh tune with watery textures and dreamy overtones. The mood is relaxed but underneath a restless fire is hiding, waiting to erupt. Band leader Bert Dockx:  

When Thomas Jillings plays a saxophone solo towards the end, he seems to be in two different places at once, like a sorcerer or a mystic. 

The new record emerges as a vibrant and diverse exploration of jazz, improv, electro, noise, prog, afro, blues, groove, punk, and krautrock. Ottla has transformed into a quartet, with Bert Dockx, Thomas Jillings, Gerben Brijs, and Louis Evrard engaging in a playful dialogue, showcasing contrasts in strength and color. Ottla's journey is captured in the album, with the spontaneity and dynamics of live performances preserved. The result is an exciting and transformative musical experience. 

Ottla was initially formed by Bert Dockx (Dans Dans, Flying Horseman) for a one-off performance series in 2019. What began as a fleeting experiment swiftly evolved into a full-fledged 6-piece band, leading to the creation of an album and numerous performances. After a temporary hiatus, Ottla resurfaced to support a 2021 improvisation for a monologue by Josse De Pauw. Ottla shed its skin, found new inspiration, and is ready to embark on a new chapter in 2024.  

You can preorder 'Vogel' here.