Nordmann share the opening track of their upcoming album

Posted on 05 Aug 2020

Nordmann reveal ‘Cryptonym’, the opening track from their upcoming third album ‘In Velvet’.

If Nordmann would stand in between two mirrors, ‘Cryptonym’ is the song that would come out.

It bridges the gap between where their music started in their very beginning days and what their new album will sound like. It’s a statement. Nordmann is dead, long live Nordmann!

It’s dark & bright at the same time, hard & soft, it’s a puzzle and an answer! Nordmann is back, that’s for shure.

Nordmann’s four members have been busy lately. Besides exploring their respective solo and side projects they have been silently working on the follow up to their acclaimed sophomore album ‘The Boiling Ground’ from 2017. Together with producer Jasper Maekelberg (Balthazar, Warhaus, Faces on TV), they recorded ten brand new tracks. The band promises a shift in their distinctive sound, trading in rock influences in favour of synths, electronic textures and beats.

Nordmann’s third album ‘In Velvet’ will be released September 18 via Unday Records.