New Echo Beatty music

Posted on 21 Oct 2022

'Weeping Streets' is the first single with which Echo Beatty ushers a new musical venture. Almost three years after her first EP as a solo artist, Annelies Van Dinter is back with the long-awaited successor. Her album 'Vision Glitch', a dazzling feat of songwriting and capturing atmosphere on tape, is due in Spring. 

'Weeping Streets' sounds like a dream sequence, mellow but unrestrained, pulsating like a heartbeat. The meaning is never completely transparent, as past, present and future collide in a déja-vu.

Annelies gathered her band in a cabin in the woods, where they recorded the major part of the new album. This joint venture brings forth an ease and warmth that is abundant in this first track. “I wanted to make an album that feels like a companion on the road. Visualizing music as a friend in the seat next to you, an open window, the wind in your hair."

Echo Beatty is the moniker of Annelies Van Dinter. With an arresting voice and distinct guitar playing, her exquisite songwriting and performances ooze an urgency and intensity, grabbing the listener by the shoulders for a ride to the exciting realms of her music. A punk at heart, Van Dinter plays with the tension between bold, rugged sounds and infectious melodies, driving home her philosophy that the essence of music lies in the movement of energy, an intuitive force with magic powers that is hard to explain.