New Dijf Sanders single

Posted on 10 Jul 2020

Dijf Sanders releases a new edit for 'Lakshmi' today, one of the tracks on his latest album. Sound mastermind and producer Dijf Sanders debuted on Unday Records with his latest album, the eclectic gem ‘Puja’. Dijf used field recordings he made in Nepal and used them to create new music, together with Simon Segers (MDCIII, De Beren Gieren, Black Flower) and Mattias De Craene (Nordmann). The album was received with raving reviews in national and international press. ‘Lakshmi’ gets a special treatment in this (edit) version. ‘Lakshmi’ is named after the Hindu goddess of wealth and good fortune, the divine power that transforms dreams into reality. After being quarantined this song immerses you in a feeling of absolute freedom and boundless opportunities.