More 'Liquid Love' incoming

Posted on 09 Nov 2022

Intergalactic Lovers have plenty more ‘Liquid Love’ to share. After the record, the band presents the 'Liquid Love' short film, a deluxe version of the album and a 'Liquid Love' beer (!)

'There's more where that came from,' Intergalactic Lovers must have thought. After a great release year with no less than five radio singles, a successful European tour and a sultry festival summer, Intergalactic Lovers  still have some 'Liquid Love' left to share. This autumn will also be dedicated to their fourth studio album, the record on which the foursome reinvented themselves, alongside producer Luuk Cox.

First of all: as of today, the album 'Liquid Love' can be streamed everywhere with three extra songs. Lara Chedraoui: ‘We wanted to reward the record buying fans by giving them first dibs on the three final songs of the record. Patience is a virtue, so without further ado, we hope you can all now enjoy the end (or was that the beginning?) of the 'Liquid Love' story, now available in its entirety on all DSPs.

More news: From today on, you can also watch the stunning 'Liquid Love' short film that premiered and competed at the film festival in Ostend earlier this year, and which can now also be discovered online. Intergalactic Lover Lara Chedraoui created an enthralling video trilogy together with director Charlotte De Cort. Each of the three chapters corresponds to a song from the album. You can watch it HERE



Finally, the band developed an 'Intergalactic Lager' with DOK Brewing Company in Ghent. The band had long dreamed of brewing a fresh, spicy and hopped lager that took them back to their days touring Germany and Eastern Europe. The limited edition can of 'Liquid Love' is now available in select beer shops and at the band's shows.

Intergalactic Lovers will be playing a sold-out Radio 1 session next week and they’re heading to Maastricht November 25, and to a sold out AB in Brussel on December 9. All live dates: HERE