Millionaire x Compact Disk Dummies

Posted on 15 Oct 2021

t’s funny how the tables can turn. Two bands with an album release campaign thwarted by the pandemic are (finally) on the eve of an extensive club tour. So both Compact Disk Dummies and Millionaire have something to celebrate. This resulted in an unexpected yet very effective collab in the form of a remix drenched in percussion. The Dummies reworked the furious Millionaire single ‘Dig a Ditch’ from their latest record APPLZ ≠ APPLZ into this surprisingly danceable disco stomper. Tim Vanhamel’s raw, untamed vocals blend perfectly with the electronic sounds the Coorevits bros manage to get out of their analogue toys. The dancefloor is now declared open.

Be sure to catch them on the road. All Millionaire live dates are HERE. Compact Disk Dummies tour is HERE