Ivy Falls unveils first single from her debut album

Posted on 28 Sep 2023

Not Cool is the first track we get to unveil from Ivy Falls' debut album, anticipated in spring '24. Ivy Falls is singer-songwriter Fien Deman’s solo venture, after collaborating with the likes of I Will, I Swear, Illuminine, and Satin Jackets in recent years. She taught herself to play the guitar recently, and Not Cool stands as one of the first tracks she crafted.



The genesis of this song and in fact the entire album traces back to a pivotal moment—the aftermath of a metaphorical tidal wave that washed away all the familiar anchors in her life. While trying to find new ways, and filling a new and empty home, Fien wrote dozens of songs. Not Cool is a track about setting boundaries and making choices that define one’s journey in life and relationships, and ultimately about shaping happiness. It's a call to express oneself, even if it leads to solitude. Not Cool is an indie pop-folk track with depth, maturity, and melancholy, initiating a new chapter in Ivy Falls’ personal and artistic life while revisiting her first musical love. She drew inspiration from the likes of Julia Jacklin, Feist, Nilüfer Yanya, Amen Dunes and Sufjan Stevens. Musically, Fien finally found her true match in Bram Vanparys (The Bony King of Nowhere) He and Fien produced the record and composed and played guitar and piano arrangements together.