Ivy Falls releases 'Strange Way'.

Posted on 29 Nov 2023

'Strange Way' is the second song from Ivy Falls' debut album. It again shows a shift towards a more indie folk sound and shows that Fien is a songwriter to keep an eye on. The signature of Bram Vanparys from The Bony King of Nowhere is noticeable in the sound and the combination with Fien's songwriting, voice and guitar make it very captivating. It is one of the most striking songs on the album, and a song that helped convince Vanparys to produce the album. 'Strange Way' sings about a crucial insight after a somewhat darker period of time. The realization that sometimes it takes a lot of time to heal wounds. The stripped-down instrumentation gives the song the best chance to sink in. Inspired by Sufjan Stevens, Feist and Nick Drake, this song shows what 'Ivy Falls' is, in its purest form. 

The video for Strange Way documents a somewhat rushed and anxious image of Fien crossing a field. Just like the song, the music video is minimalist and leaves all the attention on the music and lyrics. Themes of anxiety, stress and the feeling of being constantly pushed in one direction are depicted metaphorically as a walk, but with constant interruptions. A 'walk in the park' but different. It visualizes how it sometimes feels to be lived. 'I don't see life when I look at me, I see stress in a scrunched up dress in an always limited lapse of time.' This first sentence was translated into images in this video. Filmed by Alexander Popelier, graded by Jaan Lens.