Ivy Falls releases 'Golden', the last track before the album drops.

Posted on 29 Feb 2024


As the final single preceding her debut album's release, 'Golden' emerges as Ivy Falls’ powerful testament to breaking free from the constraints of societal norms. This evocative track challenges the conventional notion of "golden years," rejecting the idea that happiness is confined to youth or predetermined milestones. "Golden" celebrates the liberation in defining one's own path to happiness and fulfilment. 

Singer-songwriter Ivy Falls immersed herself in the creation of a timeless and deeply poignant debut album, chronicling the aftermath of her breakup with the life she once knew. Departing from the more polished and pop-infused sound of her earlier singles and EPs, Ivy Falls has found her way back home on her debut. She teamed up with Bram Vanparys aka The Bony King of Nowhere, who debuts as a producer here. Drawing inspiration from indie folk icons such as Julia Jacklin, Amen Dunes, Feist, Sharon Van Etten, Sufjan Stevens, and Nick Drake, Ivy Falls has set a new standard both for her sound and for her songwriting. 

Ivy Falls's debut record 'Sense & Nonsense' is due March 22 You can pre-order here