Intergalactic Lovers share 'Liquid Love'

Posted on 17 Feb 2022

Happy album release day, Intergalactic Lovers! 
On their new record, the band wanted to get people dancing without getting rid of their distinctive sound. The result is called 'Liquid Love'. It brings other, fresh sounds and textures to the foreground. ‘Liquid Love’ sounds familiar and new at the same time. It’s a record about change and how to embrace it. A record about love, in all its forms. A record about time and its relativity. A record about the nonsense of perfection too, because perfection is stillness in a world where everything is always in motion. ‘Liquid Love' is the next step towards the healthy ambition that Intergalactic Lovers have been pushing for four albums ("world domination") and the key to their return to the stage and the audience. Not a day too soon!