Hydrogen Sea's 'Symbiosis' is our antidote

Posted on 29 Jan 2021

These 5 soothing new Hydrogen Sea songs were just what we needed in these troublesome times. 

Forced to physically distance themselves from other human beings during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Pj and Birsen created the Symbiosis EP in duo at home. Solely equipped with Birsen’s voice and Pj’s piano, it allowed them to return to writing songs the way they did when they first started creating music together. 

Hydrogen Sea’s new Symbiosis EP is a beguiling tale of four brand new songs, including a re-release of ‘End Up’, a track first released on Hydrogen Sea’s Court the Dark EP (2014). 

The result is this EP filled with five gorgeous and unapologetically minimalistic tracks, founded on solid piano compositions and enchanting storytelling. Each song is inspired by the long walks out into nature Birsen and Pj went on, as a way to try and dispel their budding feelings of loneliness and alienation in these unprecedented times of lockdown isolation.