Hydrogen Sea unveils intoxicating new song

Posted on 07 Sep 2023

Hydrogen Sea’s new track Wine is the second single taken from their upcoming album Creature Comforts, which will be released October 27. The song, with its sizzling synths and captivating beat, unveils the allure of life's enigmatic pleasures. These are the very pleasures that can turn addictive or even toxic if overindulged. As the song reaches its climax, Birsen’s voice declares: ‘Love tastes sweeter than wine’.
Up to you to try it out.

Hydrogen Sea's third full album Creature Comforts is a luscious, fresh, and vibrant collection of new songs that explore everything that offers us, fragile creatures, physical and mental comfort, and makes us feel good. It’s the duo’s first collaboration with producer Luuk Cox. The record sounds unapologetically light and colorful but dares to look at the shadows. As the soft-spoken TV painter Bob Ross once said, ‘You need the dark in order to show the light.’