Elias drops title track of his upcoming debut

Posted on 03 Feb 2023

“All that has bloomed is about to explode. All that I love, I'm about to destroy”

Bloomed > Exploded is the hauntingly beautiful title track of Elias’ upcoming debut album.With its minimal waves, Bloomed > Exploded is the ideal soundtrack to the lonely astronaut that ventures into the unknown depths of space. As Mother Earth is getting smaller and smaller, doubts and uncertainties are increasing.

The desolate electronic track slowly but steadily builds up towards its zenith, a symbiosis between the vocals and a guitar impro by Cyriel Vandenabeele. 



Bloomed > Exploded comes with a beautiful and poetic video from Spencer Bogaert, who was inspired by a specific detail of the song. Some of the eerie samples made him think of the sound of petanque balls ricocheting. The result is a minimal choreography that contrasts brilliantly with the song's uncanny atmosphere.

Elias’ debut record is Expected on Unday Records March 24. 
Photography Lucinde Wahlen