Echo Beatty releases 'Candor Candor' EP right in time for her upcoming tour.

Posted on 03 Nov 2023

'Candor Candor' EP is out now, right in time for Echo Beatty's upcoming tour.

This new EP is named "Candor Candor", like the last single from her acclaimed album "Vision Glitch." Echo Beatty offers an EP featuring soul-stirring alternative versions of 'Vision Glitch' album tracks, recorded while on a road trip and an outtake from the album’s recording sessions. Echo Beatty emerges again as an authentic and versatile trailblazer, inviting you to dig just a little deeper, one note at a time.

Van Dinter has always felt suspended between the desire to be understood versus the freedom of remaining furtively unplaceable. In her poetry, she often switches perspectives and delves into new layers of meaning. 

The EP also included a live solo recording of ‘Ghosts Of Past Lovers’ was recorded on the road trip she made with photographer/filmmaker Anton Coene. It is a hidden pop gem, disguised as a slacker track in the likes of Kurt Vile, where Echo Beatty lets her guitar roar with a cheeky boldness. 

Howl / Stones is an outtake from the ‘Vision Glitch’ album recordings. This late-night acoustic version wraps itself around you like a soft blanket. Conjuring up images of the wooden shack where they recorded the album with a log burning in the fireplace and half-empty glasses of wine.  

The stripped-down performance of 'Just Because' is haunting, fragile as a burning whisper flickering on the edge of blowing out. 

Cherished by her musician peers and the connoisseurs of the Belgian alternative scene, Echo Beatty is still an undercover indie queen. Her path is one of unwavering dedication to exploration, refusing to be confined by any predetermined format and choosing less travelled roads.