Echo Beatty presents 'Vision Glitch'

Posted on 03 Mar 2023

Echo Beatty, also known as Annelies Van Dinter, is excited to present her new album ‘Vision Glitch’. It is her first full length on Unday Records after her 2020 debut EP on the label. ‘Vision Glitch’ is an exquisite collection of nine songs that takes listeners on a journey through a world where reality and dreams collide. With a unique blend of bold, gritty guitars and infectious melodies, layered with soft and warm elements, Echo Beatty creates a distinct sound in indie rock and alternative pop. The album is a blend of flashbacks, déjà vus, dream sequences, reflections, visions, and wishes, mixing past, present and future in one glitch. Annelies and her musicians recorded the album in a cabin in the Belgian woods with a DIY attitude and a panoramic view. The album was then mixed in LA by Omar Yakar Jr., who has previously worked with The War on Drugs, War-paint, and Perfume Genius, he added a warm ambiance and a touch of desert dust to the sound.

“I wanted to make an album that feels like a companion on the road. Visualizing music as a friend in the seat next to you. You open a window, the wind blows through your hair. The ever changing horizon ahead of you. Maybe it's the stagnation that the pandemic created, that made this desire for long winding roads and vast landscapes grow even stronger. I've rewatched movies like Paris/Texas and The Rider, they speak to my heart.”

Annelies Van Dinter started playing drums in punk bands as a teenager and never really lost that punk spirit. She soon began writing her own songs, inspired by Bob Dylan, Radiohead, Sparklehorse and Cat Power (among many others) and started dreaming about hitting the road. By now, she has a wealth of touring experience. She toured Europe, UK and USA with indietronic artist Styrofoam in her early twenties. She started touring internationally with Echo Beatty presenting her two critically acclaimed albums 'Tidal Motions (2013) and Nonetheless (2016). She was a band member of Trixie Whitley, Mauro Pawlowski, The Black Heart Rebellion, Bed Rugs and Oko Yono, among others. At the moment, her side-projects include the eclectic Naga Ghost, a band she formed during the pandemic with drummer Christophe Claeys (Zeeskirts, Amatorksi, Lyenn, Monolithe Noir...) and Annelies started pounding the drums again herself in the sludge band Pruillip (which started as an occasional gig at Dennis Tyfus summer venue De Nor) and in TAKH, a new project from the members of The Black Heart Rebellion. With influences that range from desert blues to experimental niche and alternative classics, Van Dinter always puts experimentation and dynamic synergy with the musicians she works with at the center of her music.

For fans of: Big Thief, PJ Harvey, Julia Holter, Cate Le Bon, Yo La Tengo