Dijf Sanders shares new music from upcoming EP

Posted on 03 Mar 2021

Swans on Drums is the mesmerizing new single from Dijf Sanders. It is the second track he shares from his upcoming ‘Lichen’ EP, a selection of rarities from his hard drive. Dijf reworked and compiled six songs that didn't make it to the previous albums, but now form a new collection in their own right. Lichen mostly comprises reworked creations he did for dance and performance, nostalgic compositions that fuse organic electronics with classical music. 

Here’s what Dijf says on ‘Swans on Drums’
When two or more accidents happen at the same time it almost seems thought out. That’s exactly what happened with ‘Swans On Drums’. Accidents faking intelligence. It’s a track with irregular chopped up daf beats (a Persian drum) and pad like organs. Seemingly going nowhere, but cascading into an accidental epiphany. 

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