Dijf Sanders announces new album, drops monumental first track

Posted on 24 Aug 2023

Producer and sound artist Dijf Sanders announces a new album dubbed SUPRA. His second full-length installment on Unday is an emotive electronic trip through a dense sonic universe. Its fibers are strung together by the melancholia inherent to Georgian music tradition. 
In anticipation of the album release, Dijf unveils the first single Water of Chailuri, available today on all platforms. It is a slow-burning and spaced-out electronic folk cut that gets under the skin. 

Water of Chailuri opens with the mystique sounds of a chuniri, a bowed traditional Georgian instrument, followed by haunting vocal samples and the lightness of an ARGON 8 Modal synth. Synth-heavy drama unveils as the off-beat harmonic chants act like heralds, reporting a lost cause during wartime. The song was recorded in the Folklore State Centre in Tbilisi, Georgia, and features voice sampling of the Amer-Imeri Folk Ethnic Ensemble


Dijf Sanders: It was a real challenge to work with these polyphonic harmonic chants as sampling source material due to the continuous shifting and blending of melodies. Because of their unmatched emotive purity, I often used only bits and pieces of these vocal samples or the tonalities served as inspiration for a new score with instruments in my studio. I do not own these original songs: I refused to merely cover them for they already sounded perfect in my opinion. That would have been blasphemy.