Dans Dans present 'Zink'

Posted on 23 Apr 2021

Happy release day Dans Dans! Their intoxicating new album 'Zink' is out today!
Dans Dans disciples have been waiting for almost five years, but 'Zink' was worth the wait. We'll leave the superlatives to the press, but we're super happy to finally share this record with you all today. 

Opening with the moody noir rhythms of ‘Cinder Bay’, Dans Dans look to construct their own musical universe across ‘Zink’. ‘Naiad’ unfolds into a devastating explosion of heavy feedback and wild, crashing drums before subtle electronica and baroque art-rock collide on ‘Anemone’ giving a good indication of Dans Dans’ eclecticism. There’s unquestionably a deep, underlying filmic beauty to the music, an evolving darkness and a perpetual sense of dread and paranoia. Elsewhere, ‘Ravine’ is intoxicating, provocative and uncompromising while the beatific ‘Shell Star’ is an infectious exploration of hypnotic grooves, atmospheric sounds and mind-bending melodies.

Producer Christine Verschorren accentuates the music's wondrous fluidity throughout ‘Zink’; the intriguing interplay; the subtle ties; the deep layering. Musical styles and influences are being blended organically and sublimated into what can only be called Dans Dans-music. “This is no fusion, no rock or jazz or ambient. This is the sound of the searching, intuitive human; of a timeless, mysterious dream; of the heart, the gut and the soul,” says Bert Dockx.

'Zink' is out today on all platforms and on CD. Due to technical issues and exceptionally busy times at the pressing plant, we're experiencing a slight delay in the production of the limited LP versions, we're expecting those at the end of next week! order yours through our bandcamp shop if you'd like a copy!