The Bony King of Nowhere launches a video for ‘Everybody Knows’, shot on film.

Posted on 08 May 2024

The Bony King Of Nowhere Releases Powerful New Single, ‘Everybody Knows’ 

The Bony King Of Nowhere unveils his latest single, ‘Everybody Knows,’ highlighting this poignant song from his highly acclaimed album of the same name. This release follows the album's triumphant debut in February, capturing widespread acclaim from critics and fans alike. 

‘Everybody Knows’ is the artist's reflection on the perplexing dynamics of global conflicts, particularly relevant amidst the ongoing crises in Ukraine, and Gaza. The Bony King Of Nowhere struggles with the incomprehensible actions of world leaders and the collective inertia of bystanders witnessing tragedy unfold. 

‘Everybody Knows is about the madness of war, but perhaps most importantly condemns the dehumanization of the real victims of these conflicts.’ 

As we navigate through turbulent times, The Bony King Of Nowhere’s latest single stands as a reminder of our shared humanity and the importance of collective outrage as the only antidote to apathy.  

The single comes with a video shot live on analog video during the ‘Everybody Knows’ album release show at Ancienne Belgique in Brussels.