BLUAI unveil one last song from their debut album 

Posted on 01 Feb 2024

BLUAI are back with a new single. Just a year after their first EP Junkyard, the band announces its anticipated debut album, due in the spring of 2024. Their music floats between smooth indie pop, indie folk, and edgy 90s guitars, drenched in the hopeful melancholy of broken hearts, road trips, break-ups, and casual crushes. 

Ceiling Stars is the last track the band gets to share in anticipation of their debut album, slated for March 1. The blueprint for the compelling ballad originated in a cottage by the seaside last winter. ‘The song's about how someone you love can bring out the best in you, parts you didn't even see yourself. Someone who gets you out of bed each morning, even when life's not going your way…’ says singer Catherine Smet. 

With a new live line-up, one year of extensive touring under their belts, and guidance from producer Willem Ardui (blackwave.), the trio continues its journey after scoring a hat trick in 2022. In that year they won Humo's Rock Rally, Sound Track, and De Studio Brussel's Nieuwe Lichting, the three prime music competitions in Belgium. BLUAI have been on a roll ever since, became Spotify Equal ambassadors, and took their time to find their own unique perspective as performers and writers. They recently finished the recordings of their debut album, which sounds mature, balanced, and yet more urgent than ever.  

BLUAI started off as Catherine Smet's intimate bedroom project (vocals, guitar) but quickly grew into a full-fledged band. Despite their different backgrounds and styles, there was an instant click, on and off stage. The girls race through the musical landscape while still challenging each other to experiment, and inspiring young girls to aim high and find their way in the music business.