Bianca Steck joins Unday, shares first music

Posted on 17 Jun 2024

We’re delighted to welcome the talented Bianca Steck to the Unday family.

Barcelona-born musician and architect Bianca Steck, of British and German descent and now based in Brussels, has a rich musical background rooted in the classical tradition. She pursued formal training in piano and clarinet at the Liceu Conservatory in Barcelona. At just fifteen, she began writing her own tunes and exploring the different harmonies and sounds within her musical realm. Bianca blends intimate harmonies and meaningful lyrics that connect her work to folk and pop traditions.            

Bianca’s new song, "Old Fashioned Parade," is a compelling introduction to Bianca Steck’s universe. The melancholic piano-driven song serves as an intriguing first teaser for her impressive debut album, due next spring. She produced the album together with Catalan pianist and composer Nil Ciuró. More music will follow after the summer. 


“Old Fashioned Parade” captures the frustration of realizing that society's supposed march towards progress is just a pretentious procession. It depicts society as a catwalk where people mindlessly follow each other, oblivious to the direction or purpose.

"Old Fashioned Parade" comes with a stunning dance video directed by Paris-based Romain Szuwalski. The dancers symbolize society through their repetitive, everyday movements and uniform actions and appearances. They engage with Bianca and try to draw her into their world and routines. However, she persistently resists and attempts to distance herself, not wanting to conform to their way of life.

Bianca Steck has performed at various venues across Europe and recently toured with Hania Rani in London, Berlin, Leipzig, Brussels, Antwerp, and Paris.