Bert Dockx presents new band and new single

Posted on 09 Jun 2023

Bert Dockx gathered a new band to record a new album, we're excited to share the first single with you today.

As opposed to the previous solo outings, this new work will be released and performed as 'Bert Dockx Band'. This new outfit consists of members of Bert's other projects Ottla and Flying Horseman.


Dog is the first song taken from Bert Dockx Band’s upcoming record Ghosts.
Dog is a song about gods and dogs, about a man searching for his place in a troubled world, calling out to kindred souls. With its commanding vocals, quirky groove and colourful arrangement, it's the perfect opening to a rich, rewarding album.
If Safe (Dockx' previous solo outing) was the sound of the deep dark night, then Ghosts is the sound of shimmering twilight; of a search for love and connection in a stumbling and struggling, but beautiful world. For this new album, Bert Dockx relies on a fresh, exciting band, featuring members of two of his other projects, Flying Horseman and Ottla.

Ghosts, the album, is due in October.