Another impressive single from Elias' upcoming debut

Posted on 16 Dec 2022

Explode / Boalis is the new single from Elias' upcoming debut album. Bloomed > Exploded will be released in March, but Elias shares yet another impressive new song, also the last release on Unday Records this year.      

Elias sets the tone with a mysterious dark groove and tries to capture the zeitgeist with just a few words. "Everything repeats itself. At the most crucial moment in human history, we are about to make the same mistakes.' Explode / Boalis is the first song he created for the record, and with its brooding atmosphere and remarkable rhythm, is the blueprint for Elias' first full-length.

Elias Devoldere has been a key figure in the Belgian jazz, instrumental and alternative scene for years, as drummer for Nordmann, Hypochristmutreefuzz, John Ghost and SUWI to name just a few. He also wrote music for theater and dance performances. In 2021 his first real solo work was released in the form of the acclaimed debut EP 'Kaiku'. On his debut album Bloomed > Exploded he now shows himself as a songwriter, as a singer and a multi-instrumentalist, as a producer and as a frontman. He takes care of most of the instruments himself, his all-star band (with members of Sophia, SUWI and Nordmann) was asked to provide finishing touches. Bruno Ellingham, who previously worked for Massive Attack, Spiritualized and Portishead (among many others), masterfully mixed the record.