Sam De Nef's 'Starlit Waters' keeps us on our feet

Posted on 22 Jan 2021

“Starlit Waters is about the world of wonder and imagination I used to live in when I was a child. I tend to travel back to this state of being when I feel down. It gives me energy.” says Sam De Nef on his refreshing new single.

This new release is the follow up to Sam’s first tracks on Unday Records, ‘Requiem for a Dreamer’, and ‘Mother’, which were very well received, made it to numerous influential international streaming playlists and onto the legendary ‘Duyster’ playlist on Studio Brussel.  



Sam De Nef just finished recording his 7 track debut, a collection of visceral folk and singer songwriter tunes, drenched in nostalgia. The young singer‘s captivating voice and his gift for intriguing tales never fail to amaze. ‘Lonely Day, Crowded Year’ is due March 5. Preorder coming soon!