Sam De Nef's debut single

Posted on 28 Oct 2020

Sam De Nef debuts on Unday with ‘Requiem For A Dreamer’, an ode to dreamers, night birds, people who create their own universe. Sam wrote it together with his brother Brent. He invited Brussels based singer Camille Camille to the studio to record the duet. This is Sam’s first official release and a preview of his solo debut, expected in Spring.

Sam De Nef’s first solo project is a vehicle to tell his own stories and write songs that come to him in the most natural way. The result of his first recording sessions is a collection of visceral folk and singer songwriter tunes, drenched in nostalgia. He’s inspired by the likes of Dylan, Jack Kerouac, Leonard Cohen and Karen Dalton, but displays a unique voice and swiftly steers clear of platitudes.