'Loser' is Faces on TV's homage to the eighties

Posted on 05 Jun 2020

‘Loser’ is the new Faces on TV single. Jasper had been flirting with eighties sounds recently, but this is an all-out love letter to the music of that infamous decade.  ‘Loser’ will be on Faces on TV’s new EP, due this fall on Unday Records. We asked Jasper to tell you some more about it.

Strange times to be releasing a new song, knowing we won’t be playing it live until after the summer. I’m really looking forward to come out and play the new songs for you. Meanwhile, enjoy this song about getting yourself together and finally making the first move on the one you’ve fancied for a long time.

This track was the first one to give a real face to the EP I’m releasing later this year. The combination of a Linndrum and the slap bass was kind of an eyeopener for me. If I’m being honest, I hated this 80’s oriented kind of stuff until recently, but when I discovered the right side of my dad’s record collection (it’s arranged by year of release, not alphabetically), its plastic sounds made me feel nostalgic. I was thrown back to the time I was dancing to the DJ sets my dad played for me and my brother on Sunday afternoons in our living room.

Faces on TV's spring tour has been rescheduled to this fall. Tickets are available now

October 03 - Namen, Belvedere BE
October 10 - Bucharest, Expirat, RO
October 12 - Amsterdam, Melkweg, NL
October 14 - Copenhagen, Musikcafeen, DK
October 16 - Berlin, Musik & Frieden, DE
October 17 - Hamburg, Nochtwache, DE
October 19 - Brno, Kabinet Muz, CZ
October 20 - Prague, Café V Lese, CZ
October 22 - Lausanne, Bleu Lezard, CH
October 23 - Basel, Parterre One, CH
October 24 - Winterthur, Albani, CH
October 28 - Hasselt, MOD, BE
October 29 - Paris, L'international, FR
November 06 - Brugge, Cactus BE
November 11 - Brussel, AB BE
November 14 - Antwerp, Trix BE
November 17 - Ghent, Vooruit BE