Introducing Sam De Nef

Posted on 16 Sep 2020

We’re thrilled to introduce you to Sam De Nef, the latest member of the Unday family. By way of introduction, here’s a stunning session recording of Sam and Camille Camille playing ‘Requiem for a Dreamer’. On a rowing boat.



Sam De Nef’s first solo project is a vehicle to tell his own stories and write songs that come to him in the most natural way. The result of his first recording sessions is a collection of visceral folk and singer songwriter tunes, drenched in nostalgia. He’s inspired by the likes of Dylan, Jack Kerouac, Leonard Cohen and Karen Dalton, but displays a unique voice and swiftly steers clear of platitudes.

“On my first trip to Serbia, visiting my girlfriends family, I discovered a whole new world in music. People played their songs around the dinner table. What I saw was a family sharing food, alcohol and stories everyone could relate to. This experience opened up a new window, the wind blowing inspiration. I want to tell stories and touch people with simple songs and colorful language.”

Sam has been around for a while as the singer of indie band Danny Blue and the Old Socks, this is his first solo effort. He is finishing the recording of his debut EP as we speak.